CHARACTER – Episode 2

Suzy Hotrod: Roller Derby Star


Meet Suzy Hotrod, the last original member of the Gotham Girls Roller Derby league—and one of the most well-known names in modern roller derby.


“Suzy Hotrod: Roller Derby Star” screened on June 3rd, 2019, as part of the 9th annual Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, where it won the Audience Choice Award.



The “Character” project is an ongoing series of one-hour videos by independent filmmaker Leon Chase. Its goal is to document a rapidly vanishing breed: The New York City Eccentric.



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Suzy Hotrod
Chassis Crass
Margaret Thrasher
Fisti Cuffs
Bonnie Thunders
Sexy Slaydie


Gotham Girls Roller Derby:

Whiskey Lullabye
Nail Diamond
Puss ‘N Glutes
Miss Tea Maven
Mercy Killer
Tiny Apocalypse
Beauty Andie Beast

Gotham Girls Junior Derby:

The Clem Reaper
Killer Plushie
Night Mares
Malice in Wonderland
Scary Poppins
Hermione Danger

Gotham Girls Basic Training:

Kate Brown
Passius Play



Jules Doyle
Joe Rollerfan
Andréanna Seymour – Buy Andréanna’s book, “Scars & Stripes: The Culture of Modern Roller Derby”
Frank Fusco
Lucky Lawler
Katrina Del Mar

Original ESPN magazine photos by Peter Hapak

Food photos courtesy of Jean Schwarzwalder



Suzy Hotrod painting courtesy of Heather XXL

Suzy Hotrod pencil drawing courtesy of Elaine Snowden

Suzy Hotrod collage courtesy of Lauren Lott

Suzy Hotrod lithograph courtesy of Jay Vollmar



Additional Gotham Girls bout and promo footage courtesy of Gotham Girls Roller Derby

WFTDA Championship footage courtesy of Women’s Flat Track Derby Association

Roller Derby World Cup footage courtesy of William Clarke a.k.a. “Mr. Force”

2004-2005 Gotham Girls and Lady Unluck footage courtesy of The Gotham Mixtapes

Additional 2008 Gotham Girls footage courtesy of Erin Greenwell, Erin Harper, Ning Li, and Adam Benn

Texas roller derby footage courtesy of “Hell on Wheels” Documentary  –  Producer: Werner Campbell, Director: Bob Ray

2010 interview footage courtesy of The Derby Nerd

2011 World Cup interview footage courtesy of Women Talk Sports

Suzy Hotrod whip footage courtesy of Boris Atterby

“Jam City Rollergirls” courtesy of Frozen Codebase

Lady Unluck Arlene’s Grocery footage courtesy of Dino Sorbello & Chris Laubis

Lady Unluck Arlene’s Grocery footage courtesy of Johnny Saucer

Lady Unluck Continental footage courtesy of Sammytown Jones

PATCO train footage courtesy of Haven Thompson

Empire Roller Rink footage courtesy of Kappa Chris Robinson



“Gonna Get Down”
Performed by The Bobbyteens
Written by The Bobbyteens
Courtesy of Estrus! Records

Performed by David Fau
Written by David Fau

“Nowhere Else”
Performed by Nothing Cool
Written by Nothing Cool
Courtesy of Beach Recordings

“Man’s Ruin”
Performed by Lady Unluck
Written by Lady Unluck

Performed by Kissy Kamikaze
Written by Kissy Kamikaze

“Dyn-o-mite Groove”
Performed by Adam Steele
Written by Adam Steele

Performed by Kissy Kamikaze
Written by Kissy Kamikaze

“Rockin’ at the Roller Derby”
Performed by The Loudmouths
Written by The Loudmouths

“Static Rodeo”
Performed by Maja Dunes
Written by Maja Dunes

“Étude Op. 10 No. 3”
Written by Frédéric Chopin
Music box recording courtesy of Mark Rabo

“Bride of Pinbot”
Performed by Leon Chase
Written by Leon Chase

“Nocturne Op.9 No.1”
Performed by Paul Barton
Written by Frédéric Chopin

“(Some of Us Have) Adrenalized Hearts”
Performed by The Livids
Written by Eric Davidson and The Livids
Courtesy of Oops Baby Records

All music used with permission. All Rights Reserved.



Ashlie Atkinson
Double H
Em Dash
Jim and Joanne Schwarzwalder
Jerry Seltzer
Johnny Aquino
Jes Dwyer
Smarty Pants
The Prosecutor
Thora Zeen

Lady Unluck
Kissy Kamikaze

Gotham Girls Roller Derby
Women’s Flat Track Derby Association
Queens of Pain

Arrogant Swine
American Retro Bar & Grill
Five Stride Skate Shop
Nice Tattoo Parlor

All original footage © Leon Chase 2018. All Rights Reserved.