“Fever Dreams”

In my ongoing attempt to make sense of the world, I give you… “Fever Dreams”. This video started out being about my COVID-19 infection, but, as the world changed quickly around me, it became about much, much more.

This video—and the accompanying music—were created entirely from public-domain audio samples and video footage.


I made this movie in late April, in response to Roger Corman’s Quarantine Film Festival challenge. This was my first attempt at horror, and—more notably—my first-ever collaboration with my wife, Ashlie Atkinson.

The challenge: Make a movie, under two minutes, without leaving your home, using only a cell phone and available lights.


UPDATE: As of June 2020, “Distant” has also been accepted into the New York City Quarantine Film Festival. You can watch their complete playlist here.


Blade Runner – The Lost Cut

My radical re-envisioning of Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi classic.

I had been kicking this idea around for years. With the recent coronavirus pandemic, I suddenly found myself with a lot more time on my hands. This was the result.

Conceived and Edited by Leon Chase.

All content is property of the original copyright holders.

UPDATE: Much to my surprise, it appears that more than three people actually watched this thing. Thanks to The Verge, The AV Club, and Boing Boing for the love.