I made this movie in late April, in response to Roger Corman’s Quarantine Film Festival challenge. This was my first attempt at horror, and—more notably—my first-ever collaboration with my wife, Ashlie Atkinson.

The challenge: Make a movie, under two minutes, without leaving your home, using only a cell phone and available lights.



Blade Runner – The Lost Cut

My radical re-envisioning of Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi classic.

I had been kicking this idea around for years. With the recent coronavirus pandemic, I suddenly found myself with a lot more time on my hands. This was the result.

Conceived and Edited by Leon Chase.

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UPDATE: Much to my surprise, it appears that more than three people actually watched this thing. Thanks to The Verge, The AV Club, and Boing Boing for the love.

“Suzy Hotrod” Wins Audience Choice Award!


On June 3rd, my documentary “Suzy Hotrod: Roller Derby Star” appeared on the big screen as part of the 9th annual Art of Brooklyn Film Festival. The turnout was great, and the Q&A afterward was full of really good questions.

As an added bonus, we ended up walking away with the Audience Choice Award for the festival.

Big thanks to everyone who showed up and voted!

For more info about the movie, click here.