Attack of the 50-Foot Movie
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“Whoever made this should be ashamed, and banned from editing movies.”


In April 2020, while locked in my apartment and slowly recovering from a truly terrifying bout of COVID-19, I decided to act on a bizarre, comedic vision that had plagued by mind for years. The result was “Blade Runner – The Lost Cut”.

Thanks to a lot of bored people that month—and an unexpected boost from the press—the video got more attention than I ever could have imagined. It also taught me that, when you mess with a sacred cow in the sci-fi film world, a LOT of people cannot take a joke. (Like, you guys know that the original movie is still intact, right?)

Due to a truly massive amount of copyright violations, this video has since been removed from YouTube. But for the purposes of future Film Studies courses, I have archived the complete collection of original YouTube comments below.

Also, you can find a list of every single piece of footage referenced here.

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