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“Upper West Side Story”


“Upper West Side Story” made its big-screen debut on April 29th at the 2016 Bad Film Fest in Brooklyn, New York. (And yes, that’s a good thing.)

Since then, it has won Best Noir Short and Best Editing at the Genre Celebration Festival, which also named its star, Jennifer Williams, as runner-up for Best Actress.

The film won a Maverick Award from the L.A. Neo Noir Fest, and was an Official Selection at New York Film Week and, most recently, at the 2016 New York Short Film Festival.


“Upper West Side Story” stars Jennifer Williams and Marybess Pritchett, and features the music of Rick Sparks, Régis V. Gronoff, and Bahar.   Julie Sullivan was the Boom Operator, and Iglika Grebenarova worked as Production Assistant.

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